Big-Bot is the art imprint and commercial art service of Fayetteville, Arkansas native Chad Maupin (that’s me!).
I create illustrations, design and prints showcasing my love of comic books and other retro ephemera.
For over 25 years I’ve plied my trade as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer working on and developing some of your favorite brands including Fayettechill, Houndstooth Clothing Company and many more.
You can find me selling my work at Art Shows and Craft Fairs including the one I created, The Cattywampus Co-Op.
I’m available for art commissions, Illustration and Graphic Design work or as an outsourced Art Director.
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So how does theprocess work? 

Let’s Talk!

Every project is different and your designer’s approach needs to adjust to you!  By spending more time discussing the project and forecasting your needs you get a better product and save money!

Custom Design

All designs are custom-made and unique to you!  Every project starts with a pencil, my sketchbook and imagination.  As your Art Automaton my job is to put my skills to use making your project unique and exceptional.

Become Assimilated!

Once designed we format your work for all the needs you’ll require.  With extensive experience in identity and various print media you’ll get the tools you need to tell your story!

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Give me a shout!  I’d love to hear from you about working together, feedback on my shows or just say hey!

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